Rebuilding our Economy

COVID-19 has devastated small businesses and working families alike.  During these uncertain times, we must resist the call for more taxes. Small businesses and the families that rely on them for their livelihoods need all the help they can get – that means keeping more of their money.

Especially here in the Mid-Valley, we rely on small businesses – they employ over half of us.

Selma knows we need to do everything we can to help them thrive and grow. Their services, products, and jobs that they provide create vibrant and healthy communities.

Education Reform

With schools being closed for the foreseeable future, many parents and kids are struggling with how to deal with online learning, childcare, and holding down a job with their kids not in school. This, on top of the fact that Oregon ranks near the bottom in graduation rates and teen suicide and mental health, schooling is becoming an even larger challenge than before.

Our current system has failed students, parents, and teachers. We have to do better in order to set our kids up for their future; whether it be for college or their career. One of the ways Selma believes we can do this is by expanding vocational education and training, like what is taught at CTEC in Salem. Students who have the opportunity to take at least one career technical class are much more likely to graduate high school. They also have the opportunity to learn a trade or skill that can become a career upon graduating. This is critical for students who don’t take the four-year college route.

Reducing the Cost of Healthcare

It’s no secret that health care costs are getting more expensive, especially for those who have experienced COVID. As a dentist, Selma knows the healthcare system and how to make it more affordable.

Price transparencies, expanding the ability for consumers to shop for the most affordable option, increasing telemedicine options, and more. These are common-sense solutions to get more people the healthcare they need at the price they can afford.

Salem is Overdue for a New Bridge

Being a resident of West Salem, Selma understands the pain and frustration that many of us experience on a daily basis as we try and cross the West Salem bridge in the morning and afternoon. The build-up of traffic over the Marion Street Bridge affects traffic throughout the rest of Salem. Having a third bridge over the Willamette that leads to West Salem is not only important, it is absolutely necessary for the public safety and all around quality of life. Once Selma is elected, she will be a strong supporter of having a third bridge built to West Salem.

Prioritize Affordable Housing

Selma believes we must address the affordable housing problems in our community and she is working closely with community leaders to find solutions. Rental rates are climbing faster than people’s paychecks. While there are many challenges ahead, practical solutions such relaxing regulations on construction, addressing issues in the permitting process and encouraging simplified affordable housing options will help bring costs down. Private enterprise, local government and non-profits need to work in harmony to make housing accessible to those in need.

Homeless and Mental Health Solutions

Homelessness is an issue that is very close to Selma’s heart. Members of our community are struggling, and we need new solutions to help them. Some are families that have come upon unforeseen economic difficulties. Many are struggling with mental health issues or addiction. We need programs to help get people back on their feet, and to ensure that anyone who needs mental health care gets it.

We need a comprehensive strategy that brings together governments, non-profits, and faith-based communities together to expand job training, behavioral health and substance abuse treatment, and preventative family strengthening.