Women are Tough and Resilient

Women are tough and resilient.  In today’s world, women wear many hats, go through many difficult situations and survive.  They survive because they are tough–they really are.

Women have many career choices today, they are not pigeon-holed as they were just a few decades ago.  They are strong, intelligent, resourceful, and hard-working, offering much to their workplace.  But the world does not always see that women are valuable and resourceful workers.

Sex Object?

When I was in a training program, a male professor thought it was appropriate to converse in public with a group of female students regarding what turned him on sexually.  Obviously, he saw women not as future colleagues, but as sex objects.  Women are so much more.  They are problem-solvers, they are workers who get the job done, they are professionals.

As a woman enters the work world, she encounters preconceived notions of what and who she is.  When I interviewed for a high-level position, I assumed that the interview was for what I could bring to the workplace in terms of ideas, work, and ability. I was shocked when the interviewer suggested that I would get the job if I entered into a love-nest situation with him.  He was totally lacking in integrity and professionalism.

Equal Pay for Equal Work

Oftentimes, when women are offered work positions, they are offered lower salaries.  Women should be offered salaries based on the nature of the work, not based on who fills the position.  It is not acceptable to think that a woman will leave to have children and not return to work.  It is not appropriate to assume that a man is the main bread-winner.  Many women return to work after pregnancy and are their family’s main breadwinners.  Who serves as the breadwinner in a family is a private familial decision. It is not up to the employer to assume what one’s family structure is.


While on the job, workers should be treated with respect for what they do, not on how they look.  It is not funny or cute or appropriate to “rank” co-workers on their level of physical attractiveness.  That is demeaning.  Women are not merely ornaments but are serious in doing their work.  Respect women as people.  Treat them how you want to be treated.

As ideas change and social modes of interaction evolve, women should be seen as people who have much to offer to society.  Today, women fill many rungs of employment from the lowest to the highest jobs. They sacrifice themselves for others. They are the glue that holds our families and our communities together.  Don’t hold them back or demean them.  Just as you honor your mothers and sisters, honor working women as a valuable part of our state and nation, because they are.