Small businesses are the backbone of Oregon. Private enterprise is essential to having a healthy state and local economy. When you look around, it is the privately owned businesses and farms that give our cities and towns their character and personalities. They are your local doctors and dentists; attorneys, accountants and insurance agents; farms; shops; barbers and beauticians; eateries, brewpubs and coffee shops.

The value of private enterprises is irreplaceable. 80% of local jobs are with the private sector, and 50% of those with small businesses (less than 20 employees). Small businesses hire us and provide us with the opportunity of contributing to society as well as earning a living. This is where our kids and grandkids get their first jobs. Businesses are customers too when they hire and use local supporting services. Small business owners live in the communities that they work in, are our neighbors, and care about the same things that we care about. They are our friends and neighbors.

By shopping at local businesses, we leave our money where we live. Business owners use their earnings to keep hiring us. They are responsive to a changing society and bring in innovation with new ideas, solutions and people. Most of small business earnings stay in the communities they are in, boosting the qualities of our lives. They pay taxes supporting local services including police, fire, and schools. More businesses and growing businesses leads to more jobs, a demand for employees, more tax revenues, more opportunities for our citizens, better programs and services, stronger and happier communities.

Upon entering office, one of my primary concerns is to foster an atmosphere that encourages entrepreneurial risk, business innovation, competitive businesses and support for those enterprises that add to vibrant and thriving communities in the places we call home.

With a healthy and business-friendly economy, Oregon and especially House District 20 will better be able to grow and thrive.

Government and Business Relationship

The Oregon public sector can and should be a partner who comes beside Oregon businesses to help them grow and thrive. The public sector need not be an overbearing entity that stifles and constrains our businesses. The Legislature should seek ways to encourage entrepreneurs and incentivize businesses to start up and to grow. When businesses have the freedom to develop and grow, more jobs and revenue are created. When more people are needed and hired, more families prosper, and the quality of life improves.

In today’s world of the 21st century, Oregon’s economy is not only competing with others down the street, with other Oregon counties, but also with other states and other nations across the globe. Oregon’s businesses need room for flexibility and the support that will allow their potentials to be fulfilled, leading Oregon to fulfill her promise.

We have many great hard-working people in this state, in cities and towns, in urban and rural areas. Let us release Oregon’s potential that will lead to greater innovation and prosperity. Think of what we can achieve if we free up Oregonians. Remember how China went from a drab listless poor country in the 1960’s and 1970’s to where it is today. Her people were freed up.

Oregon has a similar potential for moving ahead if we free up our citizens. Oregon can achieve much more if the public sector and Oregon businesses and their employees are working together as a team, not as adversaries. Let us work together to fulfill Oregon’s promise!