Words from Selma

On July 4th, I had the pleasure of participating in the annual Monmouth-Independence Parade! The streets from Western Oregon all the way to the Riverfront Park in Independence were lined with men, women and children, all celebrating one thing; our love for the United States!

Two days before on July 2nd, I was walking in Independence going door to door when when I saw that chairs were already lined up along main street in Independence. I have been told by many that Independence and Monmouth are two of the most patriotic towns in Oregon, and I can say now that it is not a lie!

During the parade I was accompanied by Senator Jackie Winters, a group of young, energetic volunteers, and the parade princess; Maggie the Golden Retriever! Before the parade started, I got to a chance to walk around and see all of the amazing floats people put together!

This parade showed me many things; first, next year, we are going to need a lot more candy (60 lbs was not enough). Second, people love dogs, so bring more! And lastly, Independence and Monmouth are hotbeds of patriotism! I hope you all enjoyed your 4th of July as much as I did!



All-star volunteer  

This week we want to recognize Ted Ferry! Ted accompanied us on the July 4th Parade as the official chauffeur for Senator Winters. Not only did he go above and beyond with his willingness to spend 4 hours on his day off with us, but he did all he could to assist us in making our float great! His red State Farm Jeep Wrangler was not only a great addition to our red, white and blue, but many of the people watching made sure we knew they loved State Farm!

Throughout the parade, many onlookers cheered out, yelling “Go Ted!” He was definitely a star of his own! On behalf of ours and Senator Jackie Winters Campaigns, we wanted to thank Ted Ferry again for his helpfulness and gratitude!

Campaign Update

June was a great month for the campaign!

We hit over 1,000 doors, bringing our total to nearly 5,500 doors since March, we have raised over $125,000 and have made almost 4,000 phone calls! We have also brought on two interns, Luke and Keyshawn who will be a big asset to our team! Keyshawn has been walking with Selma door to door since May and expects to hit 3,500 doors from now until the end of the summer.

Luke is a recent graduate from Corban University with a degree in Political Science and hit thousands of doors and made hundreds of phone calls for Bud on his race for Governor!

The month of July will be a busy month, with many fundraisers and community events to attend, and a goal of hitting 1,500 more doors, we forge ahead towards election day and seek to utilize all remaining 119 days we have left!