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Having worked as a practicing dentist, I know fixing policy is tougher than filling cavities. That is why my extensive experience of community volunteerism over the years helps to improve the lives of those in my community and make things better. 

We share big challenges, but we have not achieved the results we need. Being the 3rd worst in the nation for high school graduation rates is not acceptable. Oregonians deserve better. I hope to gain your support and be a part of a new leadership class that focuses on making Oregon the best in the nation, not last. By moving my hard work and dedication from community volunteerism to the state legislature, together we can improve our region and state.

Selma Pierce

We Need Practical Solutions

Small Businesses Provide More Than Half the Jobs in the Mid-Willamette Valley

    This fact has become more apparent than ever because of the COVID-19 shutdowns. Our legislature’s #1 priority right now needs to be creating an environment for working families and small businesses can get back to work. 

With so many jobs at stake in our state and region from small businesses, we need to encourage these businesses to thrive and grow.  We need these businesses if Oregon wants vibrant, healthy communities.    

Being Third Worst in Graduation Rates is not Acceptable

    With schools being closed for the foreseeable future, many parents and kids are struggling with how to deal with online learning, childcare, and holding down a job with their kids not in school. This, on top of the fact that Oregon ranks near the bottom in graduation rates and teen suicide and mental health, schooling is becoming an even larger challenge than before.

Why can’t Oregon be best in the nation in graduation rates rather than near the last?  For too many years, our political system has failed our kids. One step in the right direction is vocational education. These programs are perfect for kids who are eager to learn a skill or trade and head towards a career. Students are eager to learn, attentive, and excited.  These students graduate at a much higher percentage than students who do not take any vocational classes. These kids like school!

We Must Do Better at Treating and Managing Mental Health Issues

    The numbers of homeless people with mental health issues are at an all-time high in Oregon.  Our prisons are filled with inmates who have serious mental health issues.  There isn’t a broad strategy to help these people. Our system has failed those it aims to serve. We must find new strategies and solutions to get people the help they need when they need it. 

New Strategies for Affordable Housing

    In the Salem area, there is less than a 2% vacancy rate for rental housing.  Rental rates are climbing faster than people’s paychecks. Families with children are winding up homeless.  We need a more coordinated effort to connect the private and public sectors to create new solutions for affordable housing options.  We cannot have more people living a life of poverty and facing limited options with no hope. 

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3 days ago

Selma Pierce

A letter to the editor in the Statesman Journal is critical of me because the author believes that I have not spoken out against “white supremacy and police brutality.” Here are my comments.

I reject all claims of white supremacists and any racist ideology. There is only one race, the human race, and all people are to be equal under the law and to share in the fruits of society. My opponent is a member of the majority in America. Unlike me, an Asian-American woman, he has not felt the sting of racial discrimination that I have on occasion felt. Overwhelmingly, the majority of Oregonians have treated me with equality and respect. I am so proud of being an Oregonian and having the opportunity to represent Oregonians as an elected member of our state House of Representative.

We have long struggled with police violence, and it must come to an end. The vast majority of police officers, female and male, officers of color and white officers, go about their difficult jobs without engaging in violence. Their ability to do their difficult jobs is made even more difficult when police violence is allowed to occur. I am committed to bringing together Oregonians, both within and outside of law enforcement, to end police violence, so that Black parents no longer have to fear that their children will be killed in interactions with law enforcement. My opponent has done nothing to address this important problem during his six years in Oregon’s House of Representatives nor in his more than 25 years in public office.

It is more than time to elect a new Asian-American woman to Oregon’s legislature which last occurred 44 years ago and to address the embarrassing reality that Oregon’s 90-member legislature currently has ZERO Asian-American legislators. It is by electing a diverse body of representatives that we can solve the problems of racism and police violence.
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3 days ago

Selma Pierce

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5 days ago

Selma Pierce

Yummy food from Momiji’s! And healthy too!
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